Our Story

About Us

We are a hard seltzer inspired by Latin American flavors made proudly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tierra Buena launched in May 2020, becomingthe world’s first Climate Neutral Certified alcoholic beverage. We are proud to be 100% USDA Certified Organic, fortified with antioxidants, gluten free and only 1 carb and 100 calories per can.

The Good Land

Milwaukee comes from the Algonquin word millioke, meaning “the good land.” Minowakiing, which has the same meaning, is another commonly accepted origin word for Milwaukee. The “good land” is the widely agreed upon definition, although other popular translations include “beautiful land” or “pleasant land.”

Climate Neutral

Every case of Tierra Buena sold offsets its environmental impact via reforestation projects within Latin America, preserving the ecosystems that inspired these distinct flavors. 

Learn more at climateneutral.org

Organic Ingredients

Tierra Buena is better for you, and better for the Good Land. Made with USDA certified organic Agave sugar, you can feel better about what you drink.